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                                       RIGHTS UNLIMITED

                                                                                                                     Rights Unlimited it's a personal                                           
                                                                                                                     brand and compendium of fictional

                                                                                                                     projects related with Human Rights.

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Short Film - In Distribution

Clochards is a fictional short film about women in street situation, made with the support of the National Art Fund of Argentina.

La Negra and Vicenta, two homeless women who after losing their space and belongings, meet Pola, a younger woman who is starting out in a previously unknown reality. The three women accompany each other revealing the complexities of being a woman, being older and living on the street.

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Web Series - In Post Production

"Migrant Stories" is a web series of one season of 8 episodes.
Each episode tells the story of a Latin American migrant in the City of Buenos Aires: Agustin, Lucero, Pedro and Amaral.
They cross their paths as they try to survive in a society that pushes them away while they aspire to a better life.

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Web Series - In development

Fictional Series about child's and youth rights. Stand alone episodes about children and youth between 9 and 18 years old, with genre and human rights perspective. Some themes are child's labour, sexual diversity, bullying and child's universal rights.

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